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brown_eyes_12's Journal

13 August
♥ Virginia Elizabeth Anne Vann.
♥ Twenty.
♥ Religion Major. Psychology Minor with an emphasis on Sociology.
♥ Charleston Southern University
♥ December 17th, 2005 10:00 AM~the first one in my famly to graduate college!!
♥ I want to work with foster kids, like me.
♥ Born in Ohio, grew up in California and Nebraksa.
♥ I'm married to an amazing man of God. And he's real cute ;)
♥ I'm not really a Southern girl, but I've got the accent down good.
♥ I have an awesome group of friends that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.
♥ I love to scrapbook, do photography, sew, and kick butt in Monopoly.
♥ I love CSI more than life itself.
♥ I hate summer classes.
♥ I can click my nose.
♥ I don't miss high school. At all.
♥ I wish I could still fit in the tubes at Chuck E Cheese's.
♥ I'm the most passive aggressive girl you'll ever meet.
♥ Jesus DOES love you. Believe it.
♥ You're never alone. God won't disappoint you. He will never hurt you or abandon you. He will continue to love you unconditionally as He always has.
♥ I will never quit believeing, hoping, loving, or living.
♥ I will live my life to the fullest .
♥ I live to Praise God.
♥ I look forward to growing old with my best friend by my side.
♥ I miss my family.
♥ I'm a leftie-That's called a Mollie Dooker for you Australians.
♥ I like Tao-Bo.
♥ May 22nd is our anniversary!! Almost one year!
♥ I'm a digitabulist...that means I collect thimbles...I have 13 so far

12, 43 1/2, back rubs, being barefoot, being loved, best friends, black and white photos, blowing bubbles, blueberry bagels, boston, box cheese, breakfast in bed, burping, buttons, catching my breath, checking my mail, cheese, chicken whoppers with cheese, chips ahoy with milk, chips and dip, chiquita bananas, chocolate, christmas, cleaning, cnn, coloring books, comfortable chaos, crocheting, csi, dancing on the balcony, design on a dime, devotionals, dreaming, estes park-co, facial fuzz, fall, family, fish sticks, food fights, footsie, forehead kisses, fresh air, friends, fruity pebbles, healing from hurting, heart beats, hershey's kisses, hhi, him, his bathroom breaks, his eyes, his passion, his passionate kisses, his sunflowery eyes, honest conversations, honesty, honeycorn, hope, ignoring the world, jars of clay, journaling, jumping on the bed, kiwis, kool-aid, laughing, laundry;), long-sleeved shirts, looking at the stars, loving completly, mashed potatoes and gravy, meet virginia, meteor showers, movies, mozart, mudpuddles, music, my glasses, my husband!!!!, my nephews, notes, oatmeal cookies, oreos, organizing stuff, our sunrise, overcoming together, painting, pastels, photo booths, pictures, pillow fights, praying, procrastinating, pumpkin pie, quiet time, ramen noodles, random acts of kindness, reading, reflecting, romance, rubber ducks, scrapbooking, scrapbooks, sebacious days, sesame street, sincerirty, snow angels, snowflakes, snowglobes, snuggling, spades, subway, sunrises, super nintendo, sweetarts, taking pictures, talking to god, texas roadhouse, thanksgiving dinner, the family guy, the simpsons, the tower, the window waving goodbye, theatre, thimbles, thunderstorms, toe wars, toliet paper, trix, trusting wholeheartedly, uncertainty, underwater cameras, underwear shopping!, van gogh, veggie tales, velvetta shells and cheese, waiting, wal-mart, walks on the beach, wedding photography, wishing, writing, yellow and blue